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A little history.

My name is Jacqui Turnbull. I currently live in Murieston, Livingston, Scotland. I am now 56 years of age (written in 2019) I’ve always loved animals and taking care of them is my passion. I’ve been providing a professional Dog Home Boarding and walking service since 1998 and trained as a professional dog groomer in 2011. 
I was brought up in the country, on a farm in the Borders near Yetholm, Kelso situated in the Cheviot Hills where my father was a shepherd.  He was a shepherd his entire life, from boyhood up until he retired at the age of 65. He bred and trained Collie dogs for most of his career out with the time he spent during the 2nd world war. He love the sheep dog trails and was a runner up in the International Sheepdog Trial many years ago. He was well know and respected. We lived in The Cheviot Hills in the Bowmont Valley in the Borders of Scotland. People came from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales to buy trained dogs and pups from my father. He lived to the ripe old age of 97 and sadly passed away in Aug 2011.
I spent my days out with my father on the farm, with him, and the animals as opposed to spending my time on the more expected lady-like pursuits. I had many pets and learned a lot from my mistakes and successes with them. I learned a lot from my father in regard to working with dogs during my younger years.
I am now a fully trained and experienced dog groomer and have  been boarding dogs professionally in my home and walking dogs since 1998, (over 20 years). I am writing this in 2019 and at this time I am 55 years old. I have owned three dogs of my own. I lost my Lahsa Apso when he reached the ripe old age of 17. Sadly I also lost a young spaniel of only eight years of age to cancer. Recently I lost my last cocker to old age and kidney failure. His name was Max. Pictured above planning our year ahead in 2018.


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